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The Orion Icon Library is the next generation of web App for all your icons needs.<a href="">Icons by Orion Icon Library</a><a href="">Menu Icon by Orion Icon Library</a>orIcons by Orion Icon Library -
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About us

The Orion Icon Library is the new best place to find, organize and use beautiful, precise and unified icons for any projects.
It offers access to 3477 free vector SVG icons & PNG with many advanced functionalities including SVG sprites.
All the icons are drawn with care and are highly flexible.
Four different styles in Line, Solid, Color & Flat that adapts to any type of project with stroke weight and color control.

Interactive Web App

The advanced interactive Orion Icon Library web App lets you create personal collections to export custom PNG, SVG and Sprites Icons.
The App feels like a true desktop modern app with the latest in web technologies.
Part of the next generation of web design tools.

With the App you can:

  • Modify and download custom individual icons in SVG or PNG format
  • Find and save icons in collections
  • Download multiple icons in a zipped custom package in SVG or PNG format
  • Create SVG sprites with an easy HTML how to use file
  • Easily change icon colors to create monochrome or bi-color custom icon packs
  • Change on the fly the icons weight stroke, and corners to a round or straight end
  • Add personal tags to find saved and custom icons easily
  • Access Web and SVG icon code easily with inline SVG, Data URI, CSS background and image tag
  • Advanced desktop App functionalities with icon select, duplicate, copy, paste, and lock options
  • Refined icon search and filtering with style and custom tags options
  • Upload your own icons to create and store your personal icon packs
  • Easily modify your uploaded icons with the App stroke & color control

The license is generous with royalty free icons and no attribution for personal use.

A Pro version of the Orion Icon Library is also available with extra icons, a non attribution comercial license and unlimited App usage.
For instance with the Pro version, you can save a local or online library backup, that can be shared and uploaded by other users for easy project management.
It also unlock 2344 premium icons and let the users use any of the icons in commercial project without attribution.


We’ll love for you to talk about our App and Icon Library. We are very proud of it. If you have a website with traffic, we do offer free giveaway for pro membership to share with your readers, just contact us for the conditions.


We do not have a affiliate program in place yet, but we are working on it.


A collection of nice graphics to illustrate your story.

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